New story soon.

The real life job, and a rather serious personal tragedy have both conspired to sap most of my creative writing time and enthusiasm lately. I am getting back on that horse. While the story I had intended to be a serial novelette has withered and died on the vine, I will be posting a chapter from a new IP for beta reading and opinions.

Welcome to 2014

Happy New Years Everyone,
It’s a busy new year at Ray Taylor Books already. I’m working on another chapter of Five Stages, as well as another project still holding onto life from NaNoWriMo.
I hope to get more content to you soon. Until then, absolutely feel free to leave your comment anywhere.
Until then, take care everyone

RT Books

Post NaNoWriMo

Unfortunately the real life job took up a bit more of my spare time than I had hoped for. I did not win this year’s nanowrimo, but it did leave me with several projects I am working on. So I’ll call it a partial win. I do plan on posting the first chapter of one project here soon, the tentative goal is to post additional chapters bi-weekly or monthly in a novella fashion. More to follow as always.



Good morning,
I am an aspiring writer. I’m in the middle of attempting my second NaNoWriMo, with some successes. After editing chapters of my nano-book, as well as some one off short stories, I will be posting them for input and reviews.

I hope you enjoy what you read here,

Ray Taylor